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Hi, I'm Kevin.

I want to help you with your voice.

Singing should be a joyous experience. I want my students to feel supported with care, pedagogically-sound teaching practices, and the safety to experiment freely. If we both come into the studio prepared and ready to learn, the possibilities for growth are endless.

Large Audience


Many of my students have been admitted to prestigious universities in New York City and across the nation.


What kind of help do you need?

Whether you are trying out voice lessons for the first time, getting your voice back in shape for audition season, or just looking for some help coaching some new songs, I'm happy to help you meet and exceed your goals. Lesson frequency and duration is flexible to fit all types of budgets. We can meet in person in New York City or anywhere on the world virtually thanks to the power of Zoom.

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Voice Lessons

Weekly or bi-weekly voice lessons are a great option for getting your voice into shape (or back into shape). Along the way, you'll develop better musicianship skills, learn more about the function of your instrument, and unlock your confidence.

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